Grooms Attire

Whether you're choosing a tuxedo or a casual look, as long as your attire fits the occasion, you can't go wrong. If it’s a formal occasion then a tuxedo or morning suit may be in order – euro ties, cravats, gloves and top hats can easily dress up a hire suit. A white or off-white dinner jacket or navy blue, charcoal or black suit with a white shirt and tie are also very stylish semi-formal looks.

For less formal weddings many grooms opt for an open-collar shirt in an interesting colour (perhaps to match or complement the wedding theme colours), worn with black pants or with a well cut contemporary plain black suit. If you want to go really casual (say for a beach wedding), then how about navy, khaki or stone-coloured trousers or shorts with a white linen shirt.

A good variety of tuxedos and other suits, shirts, waistcoats, cravats, ties, cummerbands shoes, studs and cufflinks are available both for purchase and for hire in New Zealand. Scottish kilts are also available for purchase and hire in New Zealand.