Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers celebrate the blossoming of love and allow you to add beauty, fragrance and colour to every aspect of your wedding. They have also become a way of expressing a couple’s individuality, as well as extending the style and theme of the whole day.

There is no limit to the ways in which flowers can be incorporated into your wedding. Of course there is the brides bouquet - the most special bunch of flowers a woman will ever carry - and the grooms buttonhole not to mention corsages and other flowers carried or worn by members in your wedding party acknowledging their special role in the day’s events. You can also use flowers to decorate your hair, church or venue entranceways, church pews, table’s at your ceremony and reception venues, your wedding cake and for petal confetti.

New Zealand Wedding Flowers

When deciding on flowers and style think about what kind of ‘look’ you are trying to achieve for your wedding - romantic, classical, elegant, minimal, funky, modern, natural and so on. Please click on the link for detailed information about bouquet styles. The flowers you select may be symbolic or sentimental or you might select flowers simply for their seasonality, colour, fragrance or size. Whatever flowers you choose, they should be fresh and beautiful and should tie in together and complement other aspects of your wedding, such as your wedding dress, your bridesmaid’s dresses and the overall mood of your wedding.