Aoraki Mt Cook Weddings New Zealand

Aoraki Mt Cook weddings in New Zealand offers you a wedding experience second to none high up amongst the breath-taking beauty of New Zealand's highest peaks and glaciers. The Aoraki Mt Cook National Park boasts New Zealand’s highest mountain, Aoraki Mount Cook, and there are 27 other peaks measuring over 3050 metres, and hundreds of others not far short of that – all making up the famous Southern Alps. There are also five major glaciers in the region, including the famous Tasman Glacier, a river of ice 27 kilometres long, in places 2500 metres thick and up to 3 kilometres wide. It is the largest glacier in the world outside the polar regions or the Himalayas.

For your Aoraki Mt Cook wedding in New Zealand we can arrange for your wedding ceremony to take place in almost any location within the Aoraki Mt Cook National Park. You could choose a wedding outdoors on the ground with the spectacular Southern Alps mountain range as your back drop; or fly by helicopter to Tasman Glacier or another Mountain-top location.

To see photos of real weddings in Aoraki Mt Cook National Park please see our Photo Gallery or Facebook Page.

Important Note: We specialise in arranging weddings in New Zealand for couples from overseas or residing in New Zealand eloping on their own or with a small number of guests. All of the venues and locations featured on our website have been especially chosen because of their particular suitability for small, intimate weddings and our Wedding Packages are designed to include specialist assistance with the documentation associated with a legal wedding in New Zealand.

Liebig Dome Heli-Wedding Package


  Tasman Glacier Heli-Wedding Package

Liebig Dome Heli-Wedding Package, Aoraki Mt Cook, New Zealand
Tasman Glacier Heli-Wedding Package, Aoraki Mt Cook, New Zealand

Braemar Dome Heli-Wedding Package


  Glentanner Tarns Heli-Wedding Package

Braemar Dome Heli-Wedding Package, Aoraki Mt Cook, New Zealand
Glentanner Tarns Heli-Wedding Package, Aoraki Mt Cook, New Zealand

Mt Brown Heli-Wedding Package


  Richardson Glacier Heli-Wedding Package

Mt Brown Heli-Wedding Aoraki Mt Cook
Richardson Glacier Heli-Wedding Aoraki Mt Cook

Double Landing/Liebig Dome + Tasman Glacier



Liebig Dome & Tasman Glacier Double Landing Heli-Wedding Aoraki Mt Cook